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Friday, Apr 07 2017

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Apr 07 2017

San Rafael, CA
Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Action
Teaching DBT skills with Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Role Play
(For DBT Skill Group Leaders and Psychodrama/Drama Therapists)
with Rebecca Walters, MS, LMHC, LCAT TEP

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What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?
Dialectical Behavior Therapy was initially developed to treat patients with borderline personality disorder and chronic suicidal ideation. However, extensive research has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of other disorders such as bulimia, depression, anxiety, addiction and more. In DBT treatment, clients meet with a therapist individually. In addition, they take part in DBT skills groups where together a group of participants learn skills such as distress tolerance, regulation of emotions, conflict resolution, and mindfulness.

Unfortunately, many therapists running skills groups lack training in experiential or action oriented therapies. They may provide clear instructions and didactic information regarding the skills to be learned and offer handouts, simple role plays, and homework sheets. This frequently leads to clients experiencing the work as dry, non-engaging and difficult to fully assimilate and use.

What's Different about DBT in Action?
When led by someone skilled in psychodrama, DBT skills take on a very different feel and appearance. Material is no longer dry but instead comes alive with actively engaged participants. By becoming active in the learning process, DBT skills are learned more quickly and retained longer. When learning and practicing these skills in action through psychodrama, sociodrama, and role playing, clients often find the groups more enjoyable and relate better to the information and
techniques being taught.

What You Will Learn in this "DBT in Action" Workshop:
During this training you will learn how to apply psychodramatic and sociodramatic techniques to teaching the core skills of Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation and Interpersonal communication.

Who Are DBT in Action Trainings for?
This workshop is NOT an introductory workshops to DBT. It assumes familiarity with DBT through formal training or, at a minimum, through working in a DBT program. It is also appropriate for those who lack DBT training but who have advanced training in psychodrama or drama therapy. DBT in Action trainings are not intended to replace training in either method. Our goal is to give group leaders new and tested methods for teaching DBT skills and to provide psychodramatists and drama therapists with some new possibilities for applying the skills they already know.

Rebecca Walters, MS, LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor), LCAT (Licensed Creative Arts Therapist), and TEP, is the CO Director of The Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute in NY. She was director of Child and Adolescent Psychodrama Services at Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital in NY where she worked for twenty five years and teaches communication and interpersonal skills at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.. She ran DBT in Action groups as part of the DBT Skill Training program. Rebecca has offered DBT in Action workshops throughout the U.S. and BAMI is happy to bring her to the Bay Area.

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