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Friday, Feb 09 2018

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Feb 09 2018

API - Chandler, AZ
Domestic Violence Issues in Action

This Continuing Education Workshop will explore introductory issues around Domestic Violence for those with limited exposure or experience.

Attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance for 3 hours.

API is a NAADAC Approved Continuing Education Provider – Number 152131

Professional Early Bird $80 until two weeks before, then $99, University Student Early Bird $40 until two weeks before, then $59.

Workshop Goals
1. Satisfy requirements for continuing education for mental health professionals practicing in Arizona.
2. Build and strengthen professional relationships among attendees and trainers.
3. Facilitate personal and professional growth of attendees and trainers using psychodramatic and sociometric concepts and methods.
4. Provide a range of experiences, including fun, in a safe setting.

1. List risk factors for domestic violence.
2. List the warning signs of domestic violence.
3. Describe three levels of prevention and provide an example of each.
4. Discuss common patterns of abusive behavior.
5. Discuss mental health effects of domestic violence, including depression
and posttraumatic stress disorder in both adults and children.

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Feb 09 2018

Omaha, NE
Retrieving the Treasure – Returning to Serve, Heal, and Transform the Wasteland

Our 2018 series, which has used myth and the Journey of the Heroine/Hero as a model for healing and transforming ourselves and our world, culminates in this final three-day workshop, which focuses on the Return of the Heroine/Hero.

During phase three, we again draw upon action methods and expressive arts, including the Sociometric Wheel, to help us explore:
• How the Heroine/Hero, who heard the Call and travelled the Journey to retrieve the Treasure, must Return home with those transformational gifts;
• How Global Citizens and Social Artists can nurture community, age consciously, share resources, and actively support the empowerment of all beings;
• The power of joining with kindred spirits in a compassionate community of support, inspiration, encouragement, and celebration; and
• A ‘winter’ of self-care needed to ponder and integrate transformational experience.

Participants will have the opportunity to:
• Identify and reflect upon the gifts they’ve received on the Journey – their Treasure;
• Interact compassionately with others in understanding how they might individually and collectively explore what it means to be Global Citizens and Social Artists;
• Access roles that can deepen their understanding of and experience with action methods and their use; and
• Reflect on how their learning might be incorporated personally and/or applied professionally after the workshop.

Though helpful, it is not necessary to have attended the previous two events. Indeed, as multifaceted beings, in one area of our life, we may be hearing a Call; in another, we may be experiencing the Journey; and in a further area, may be striving to integrate and apply new learning – the Return. The focus of this workshop is on the Return, but the overall heroine/hero’s journey remains the context and will be incorporated into the workshop.

Time: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. each day
ABE Hours: 18

Check website for further info and registration.

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