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Saturday, May 05 2018

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May 05 2018

Omaha, Nebraska
'Hearing the Heroine/Hero’s Call to Embrace a Spirituality that Faces Life, Death, and the Feminine in Self and Society' (4 - 6 May 2018)

Throughout our lives, we experience numerous calls to seek new learning or adventure, face various personal
and collective challenges, and contribute our gifts to a world that needs us. At this historic Time of paradigm
shifts, upheavals, and what some might describe as a ‘Wasteland’ experience, our Best Selves are being called
forth to Step Up and support each other in ‘Seeding the Chaos’ with the values, visions, and compassionate
energy we need for a Healing Emergence into a New Story.

The Journey of the Heroine/Hero stands as a model for how we might identify, accept, and move through this
critical, yet exciting, challenge. In a 2018 series of two workshops and a retreat, I invite you to explore that
mythic model in community with others. Together, we’ll follow the three primary phases of this transformational process: Call, Journey, and the Return.

During this three-day non-residential workshop, we draw upon action methods and expressive arts to help us explore how myth Calls us to a Spirituality in that includes Facing Life, Death, and the Feminine in Self and
Society; discover the cycles and challenges embedded personally and collectively in the journey of the
heroine/hero; and learn how to deepen our compassion for self and others in preparing for this transformational process.

Participants will have the opportunity to identify and reflect upon their most recent Call; interact compassionately with others in understanding that Call and the challenges inherent in it; work with the Sociometric Wheel to explore their place in this process; access roles that can deepen their understanding of and experience with action methods and their use; and reflect on how their learning might be incorporated
personally and/or professionally after the workshop.

Though helpful, it is not necessary to attend all three events. There are no pre-requisites for any of them, and
the overall heroine/hero’s journey is incorporated into all three. However, the May workshop focuses on the Call; the June retreat focuses on the Journey of Spiritual Transformation (often called the Road of Trials); and the October workshop focuses on the Return.

Trainer: MaryCatherine (Cathy) Burgess, PhD, LPC, TEP
ABE Training and CEU Hours: 18
COST: $385

Further information, a related MCB bio, flyer, and Registration and Payment link can be found on the website in the drop-down areas under 'Events'.

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May 05 2018

Birmingham, Michigan
Recovery in Action - Using Psychodrama to Heal Addiction

One Day Workshop/7 Training Hours

In this workshop, we will explore the introductory use of experiential techniques for addressing the problems inherent in all addictions, from drugs and alcohol to gambling, pornograpy, food, etc. Participants will learn how to begin to holistically bring the mind and body into the complexity of addiction healing. Action-based scenarios will illustrate some of the universal pitfalls of addiction, and workshop leaders will demonstrate the concretization and encountering of "people, places and things" commonly seen in these chronically relapsing conditions.

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