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Thursday, Jul 25 2019

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Jul 25 2019

Ontario, Canada
Listening to your Heart Hunger

@Hagersville Community Center

As most people with eating disorders know, it is your heart that needs nurtur- ing and tending whenever you turn to food to manage your feelings. People restrict food to starve their feelings. Others throw them up. Many more push them down with compulsive overeating. If you are in a place of recovery
and open to a fueling your body with healthy food then you are ready for this workshop that provides an opportunity to break the link between childhood trauma and disruption in our basic function of feeding ourselves with love and care.

The Therapeutic Spiral Model and TSM Psychodrama have been the backbone of Martha’s work with Dr. Kate to bring action methods to food addiction and eating disorder treatment. TSM provides a guide to safe ex- ploration between childhood and adult trauma and eating disorders. Using
a safe window of tolerance, participants can nd new ways to nurture their Heart Hunger through self care and connections to others during this time of coming together of like-minded women. A caring, competent clinical Action Team will guide and support the Listening in a safe and contained way.

So that healthy nurturing of tummy (real? or legitimate?) hunger in commu- nity can be put into action, healthy abstinent dinners will be provided on July 25, 26, 27 and healthy, abstinent lunches will be provided July 26, 27, 28 and breakfast will be on your own.

Contact Martha at dog.lady@rogers.com

Fee: $1,000.00 to include workshop fee and six health group meals prepared by Martha and her assistant, Doneen!

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