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Thursday, Aug 15 2019

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Aug 15 2019

West Chester County, PA
International Woman’s Salon For Post Traumatic Growth

Join Dr. Kate, Amy Stone, LSCW Kimberly Bass, LCSW, and Avital Spiegel, LCSW for this Residential International Woman’s Salon. You are meant to be at this workshop if you are still fighting the traumas of the past inside yourself, even after becoming professionally successful and/or creating trustworthy relationships. This workshop uses state of the art creative and experiential methods to help you become all of who you are meant to be! As we use TSM psychodrama, sociometry, and the expressive arts, we will find the strengths forged from the past and integrate them into every aspect of your life today.

TSM Psychodrama is based on the latest research on the neurobiology of trauma and happiness. We will share new and spontaneous experiences of healing and change as agroup of women who can make a di erence! We will also enjoy good food, great talks around the beautiful replace, and lots of self-care in a beautiful setting.

This workshop is limited to 8 women and Dr. Kate leads a team with Amy Stone to pro- vide safety and support to complete the deepest level of trauma work possible. You willawaken to your gifts of spontaneity, creativity and most of all a future lled with hopeand released from the past.

• INFORMATION & REGISTRATION: Kate Hudgins at drkatetsi@mac.com or Amymstone@me.com

• Space is limited so register as soon as possible. Participants report that they get 6 months of therapy and change from these small salons.

Breakfast and lunch is included each aday.

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