Discovering the Wonder Child – Reuniting with Your Divine Identity

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Date: 06-22-2023 - 06-26-2023

Time: 6:00 PM - 11:00 AM

In this 5-day workshop, we will spend time together deeply discovering the beauty of the Wonder Child. A Divine part of our inner self that was created and existed perfectly in a time before our experience in this world harmed our innocent nature. Over time these familial and cultural traumas cause us to feel shame and therefore unable to claim our divine identity. Join us as we gently unfold the treasure of the divine self that lies beneath the false masks we wear as a protective overlay to shield us from this inner shame. Using action re-enactments, participants will have the opportunity to address early wounding, shed inauthentic roles and speak to others psychodramatically to correct injustices, speak truth and reclaim power. We will use tools of creative spontaneity to encounter and delight with the innocent, alive child who is buried within. We will explore in a safe environment who is the person we would have been without the dysfunction, or would we like to become.

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