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Selecting a Therapist

Certified psychodramatists who provide private practice therapy services will differ in their educational background, areas of specialty and experience. As is true in any search for a professional therapist, the Board recommends that you interview before committing to treatment. This will allow you to discuss the therapist's educational background, areas of specialty, fee schedule and suggested frequency and duration of therapy. An interview will also give you with an opportunity to assess your personal compatibility with the therapist and your personal feelings of trust, comfort and safety.

Finding a Therapist

The American Board Of Examiners has certified over 400 professionals in the fields of psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. While most of our certified members live in the United States of America, some of our members live in Canada and a few members live in other countries. The majority of our members are mental health professionals but not all of them offer private practice services. If you cannot locate a therapist in your area you may need to expand your geographical search to find the nearest certified psychodramatist who offers therapy services.

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Type a word, part of a word, or a number into the search box.

For example, if you type "ark", you'd get hits such as:

Anyone who lives in College Park, MD.
Anyone who lives on Larkwood Ave.
Anyone who is named Barker.

You can use this "Any Search Phrase" box to search ALL fields of a member's record, including name, address, phone, zip code, biography, anything about that person.
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You can optionally include your zip code to sort the search results by distance from you.

To do this type YOUR zip code where it says "Your Zip Code".

Then type your search criteria into where is says "Any Search Phrase", and click "Search".

The search results will be sorted out so that the one nearest to you is displayed first, along with an estimate of how far they are away from you.
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