Deadlines based on U.S. Eastern Time zone.
Dates refer to arrival deadline at the ABE office.
These are not “Postmark by…” dates.

Annual Certification Renewal Dues
SP annual duesUntil March 15$200
CP annual dues Until March 15 $110
After March 15 $135
After April 15 $160
TEP annual dues Until March 15 $190
After March 15 $215
After April 15 $240
PAT Annual Renewal Due July 15 $110
Between July 16 and September 1 $135 (renewal fee + late fee)
Unpaid after September 1 PAT status will be revoked
Dues for Newly Certified Practitioners
CP annual dues for the first year of certificationCertified between January 1 and March 31$110
Certified between April 1 and June 30$66
Certified between July 1 and September 30$44
Certified after October 1No payment due until January 1
SP Application including supporting materialsJuly 15$300 application fee
Email notification of intent to sit for CP / TEP exam June 1 $100 additional fee for admission to exam if ABE notified after June 1
CP / TEP Application including supporting materials July 15 $350 application fee

additional $25 late fee if paid after July 15
Request for special accommodation for written examJuly 15 $150/day for exam administration unless required to accommodate disability

Requests for special accommodation based on medical or mental heath disability will incur an extra processing fee if not accompanied by medical or mental health provider documentation at the time of submission.
Written examExam fee due September 1 $350 examination fee

Candidate responsible for any additional direct costs (e.g., stenographer, typist, translator, delivery/mailing)
Exam administered on
3rd Saturday of October (e.g., October 21, 2023; October 19, 2024)
Final written exam submission not compliant with requirementsFinal copies (correct format and number of copies) due October 31$150 administrative fee
Re-take written exam$150 administrative fee
Continuous CP registration fee$100
Submit plan for Onsite examAfter submission of final version of written exam
Onsite exam 100% of examiner expenses minus $100 for first onsite

If more than one onsite, candidate reimburses full expenses for examiner
Submit request for 2nd or 3rd onsiteConsult with Primary Trainer and submit request at least 60 days after failed onsite.
PAT Initiation Application Between January 1 and July 15$225 application review fee
Between July 16 and September 1$325 application review fee (review fee + late fee)
After September 1Will not be accepted until the following year
Late fee Fees not paid on time$25 per month
Check returned for insufficient funds $50