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You must submit a PAT Annual Update Form and renewal fee by July 15 of each calendar year. You may file earlier than July 15 (see Questions below). Annual Updates received after July 15 will incur a late fee. Failure to submit the Annual Update and pay both the renewal fee and the late fee by September 1 will result in termination from the PAT process. You may submit your own version of the update form so long as it follows the format of the required form. Do not exceed the suggested length of the information requested on the PAT Annual Update Form.

Each year, by July 15, you must choose either to continue with or to withdraw from the process:

1) Continue With the Process.
Submit the PAT Annual Update Form and annual renewal fee. If you are beyond the five-year time limit, you should briefly comment on the reasons for the delay in completing the PAT process.

You must maintain enrollment in the PAT process until you have successfully completed both the written and on-site examinations. You must submit the “PAT Annual Update Form” and pay the annual PAT renewal fee until you are certified as a TEP. If you have completed the minimum PAT requirements and you wish to continue to offer training workshops for credit you must continue consultation with the ratio of one hour of consultation for every eight hours of training workshops offered for credit.


2) Withdraw From the Process.
Notify the ABE by email as soon as you know you are withdrawing from the PAT process.

Record Keeping

To facilitate completion of the PAT Annual Update, establish a system for keeping track of Training Hours offered, Consultation received, and Professional Development obtained.

Training and Consultation

The PAT Annual Update requires the following for each Training activity:

  • Title
  • Trainer Role
    • Solo Trainer – You do it all
    • Co-Trainer – You and someone else do it collaboratively
    • Team Trainer – You and someone else take turns (count only hours for your turn)
    • PAT Intern – You do part of a Training session for a TEP (count only hours for your turn)
    • Other – Describe what you did
  • Description of Participants (setting, population)
  • Description of the Training (type of training; goals, objectives; techniques used)
  • Date(s) Presented:
  • Training Hours Provided
  • Name of Consultant
  • Brief Description of Consultation
  • Hours of Consultation received

Professional Development

The PAT Annual Update requires the following for each Professional Development activity:

  • Title
  • Brief Description
  • Trainer/Teacher/Institution
  • Dates
  • Hours Completed

Training Hours Provided

Maintain records for all students who have received psychodrama training hours from you:

  • Name
  • Training event
    • Title
    • Location
    • Date(s)
  • Number of psychodrama training hours awarded

PAT Annual Updates Q&A

Q: What is the time line for initial and subsequent PAT Annual Updates?
Annual updates must be received by ABE by July 15. You can email your update to or The first annual update is not due until the year after enrollment as a PAT (e.g., if you enroll on April 10, 2020 your first update is not due until July 15, 2021).

Some people, because of vacation and/or work schedules, file their annual updates earlier than July 15. If your schedule is particularly hectic in the summer, you may wish to file your Update early. The time period for the annual update runs from the time of the last update to the time of the current update. The annual updates should run consecutively. For example, if the first update covered the period between March 25, 2020 and May 15, 2021, then the second update would be from May 16, 2021 to the submission date for the second year (no later than July 15, 2022).

Q: What if I miss the deadline?
Any PAT who fails to submit the annual update and pay the annual renewal fee by July 15 must pay a late penalty fee. If the annual update and fees are not submitted by September 1, the PAT will be terminated automatically from the PAT process.

Q: Why is the Board so rigid about the deadline?
Members of the PAT Review Committee fly in to Washington from all over the country at their own and Board expense. These people give up a weekend of their time to review the Annual Updates. If your Annual Update is not in it cannot be reviewed. If your Annual Update is not reviewed your PAT status cannot be renewed. It’s as simple as that.

Q: Must I use the PAT Annual Update form as downloaded from the website?
If you prefer not to use the PAT Annual Update Form, your submission should follow the same format, organization and sequence for documentation as on the form. Include all required information (i.e., “Annual Summary of Training Hours,” “Annual Summary of Consultation,” and “Annual Summary of Professional Development”). Put your name, date of submission and consecutive page numbers at the top of each page. Do not submit more information than can fit into the space allotted on the original form.

Q: How long must I submit an annual update?
An annual update is due each July 15 until the PAT has passed both written and onsite TEP exams.