If you are a Certified Practitioner and wish to enroll in the PAT process you may register anytime between January 1 and July 15.

Review the TEP Journey and TEP Certification Standards. Download the PAT Initiation Form.

As soon as possible meet with the TEP who will be serving as your Primary Trainer for the PAT process. Together with your primary trainer you will jointly develop a written plan (one to two pages) containing three sections as follows:

  1. Professional Development
    The professional development section consists of two paragraphs. The first paragraph is an assessment of the PAT’s current skills, knowledge and abilities to function as a TEP. The second paragraph states the skills, knowledge and abilities that the PAT plans to acquire over the three years and when and where the PAT will acquire them.
  2. Training Workshops
    The second section describes training that the PAT plans to offer in the coming year including training topics and possible settings.
  3. Consultation
    The final section briefly describes the PAT’s intentions for receiving consultation.

You will receive an email confirmation when your PAT Initiation form and Initial Application Review Fee is received at the ABE office; you will be enrolled automatically in the PAT process as of that date. Your first PAT Annual Update will not be required until July 15 of the following calendar year.

As soon as you receive the email notification you may begin crediting psychodrama training hours for students, and accruing consultation hours and professional training hours. Begin keeping records of training offered, consultation received, and professional development obtained.

The first year PAT must obtain regular and routine supervision consisting of one hour of supervision for every three hours of training offered. Training hours can be awarded to trainees and credited only when the supervision requirements for the supervised practicum (one hour supervision for every three hours of training) are met. If this ratio is not maintained the PAT Annual Update will be returned and the PAT will have to reduce training hours to comply with the 1:3 ratio. The PAT will also have to contact those whose training hours are being rescinded due to lack of adequate supervision.

We have shifted to an online process. Please do not mail any portion of your application!