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As the supervisor, you play an important role as a gatekeeper for the field of psychodrama, sociometry and group
psychotherapy, helping to ensure that those certified are qualified as competent and ethical practitioners. You may
endorse an applicant provided you have personally observed the applicant directing psychodrama or sociodrama
sessions that reveal the knowledge, skills and abilities relevant to the practice of psychodrama, sociometry and
group psychotherapy on at least two separate occasions. At least one of the required observations must have been
in-person, in real-time.

  • Coordinate with supervisee to establish timelines for review and submission of all materials
  • Submit all required materials to the ABE email by July 15.
    1. Completed, SP Application Form
    2. Primary Trainer Endorsement Form
      • Be sure to complete and sign the form.
    3. Application fee

Materials must be received by the due date so please make sure to email your documents to or submit them online here.

We have shifted to an online process. Please do not mail any applications portions!