Materials are Time-Sensitive

You may submit application materials only between January 1 and July 15. In order to meet the July 15 submission deadline, allow enough time for your primary trainer to get these materials to the ABE by July 15.

Each initial SP applicant must have completed at least 300 hundred hours of training with a TEP with at least 100 of those training hours with their primary trainer. Applicants must have completed a minimum of 3 supervision sessions with their primary trainer prior to submitting this application.

Schedule of Fees

Submit application review fee with your application. Candidates who fail to submit fees by the specified deadlines will be assessed a late fee.

Annual Requirements & Re-Attestation

At the time of annual certification renewal, Supervised Practitioners (SP) will be required to attest to the ongoing plan and relationship with their primary trainer, including the following yearly requirements:

  • At least 20 hours of psychodrama training with their primary trainer.
  • At least 10 Continuing Education (CE) hours
    • Of these 10 CE hours:
      • 1 CE hour must be related to Trauma
      • 1 CE hour must be related to SP practice setting (ex. Telehealth if providing services online.)
      • 1 CE hour must be related to Ethics
      • 1 CE hour must be related to Culture, Identity, or Anti-Oppressive practice.
      • The remaining 6 CE hours may be related to topics relevant to the applicant’s field of practice.

Continuing Education courses or programs must either be presented or approved by one of the following organizations;

    • NASW(National or state)
    • CSWE
    • State Licensing Boards for Professional Licensure (i.e. the State board of Social Work Examiners, Alcohol and Drug Counselor Committee, the State Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners, Professional Counselor Examiners Committee, etc)
    • ASWB
    • NBCC
    • APA
    • Bar Association (National or State)
    • ACCME
    • CBMT
    • NADTA
    • ADTA
    • AATA

CE courses or programs presented or approved by other organizations (not listed) may be acceptable as long as the SP has conferred and gained approval from their primary trainer and the ABE.

  • At least 7 supervision hours with the primary trainer

Those certified as Supervised Practitioner would be required to engage in ongoing supervision to ensure professional development and adherence to established standards. The supervision requirements include:

  • minimum of 7 one-hour, individual or group supervision* sessions per year with their primary trainer that offers the applicant the opportunity to discuss specific psychodrama, sociodrama, or sociometric applications.
  • To maintain the effectiveness of Group Supervision a maximum of four SPs may participate per one-hour of group supervision.

Release of Information on Applicants and Candidates

The Board may release information about applicants and candidates (e.g., “Mr. Smith has applied for certification” or “Mr. Smith is a candidate for certification”). The Board does not release specific information concerning the status of an individual, who has applied for certification (e.g., “Mr. Smith applied for certification but has failed to complete documentation of his training hours” or “Mr. Smith requested an application package but hasn’t returned it yet”).